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Hi (,, ・∀・)ノ゛

Since I want to buy other albums and I need money for that, I'm selling this one:

SHINee - THE FIRST (ALBUM+DVD)(First Press Limited Edition)(Japanese Version) - 20€ (paypal fee included, shipping cost NOT included)
Price is negotiable ^-^
Payment only by paypal, shipping worldwide.

Mint condition, the only thing I used a little is the calendar (I only left it open on my bedside table for a week or so).
I went through the photobook just once and played the cd and dvd only once too.


[Spoiler (click to open)]





Shipping from Italy. (I might be able to send from Slovenia - it's cheaper - but it might take longer for me to ship so it's up to you to decide).
Once the album is shipped I'm not responsible if the package gets lost or damaged. There will be no refunds, returns or exchanges.

If you are interested message me or leave a comment stating your Country so that I can tell you how much the shipping is (^-^) I'm ok with a meet up too, if you live close enough ;D
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me (^-^)

[FIC] Here I am, again.

Here I am, again.

Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG-13
Length: One-Shot
Genre: Romance, Angst
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot :3

A big thank you goes to my secret beta Bubbly who never fails to encourage me ^3^
Even though I'm too lazy to write lol XD

Summary: I can't stop loving you...


Here I am again.

Here, watching you.

I’m sure I am a masochist by now, and you, you are a sadist, I said it more than once and I will never take it back, it doesn’t metter if other people don’t believe it… I know it.

You are there smiling, that charming smile that made, and still makes, my legs shake.

I wish I could see that smile every day like I used to, I wish that smile was for me like it used to.

But it’s not, and that makes my heart hurt, an hurt that is following me since the last time we talked.

Why did I agree to that? Why didn’t I insist in having you here with me?

I’m trying to move on like we agreed that night, I’m trying to with all my might, but it seems impossible. Have you moved on? Have you?

Thinking you might have forgotten me, left what we had behind, makes my heart sink in a dark pit of jealousy, because the only way you could have moved on is by loving someone else, and I cannot accept that. You were mine and I want you to still be mine.

I want you to protect me, to console me and, now more than ever, to hug me and kiss me.

I need you back in my life.

I really can’t stop thinking back to that night, and ask myself if at the time you loved me, because how could you have said that if you did? How could you have not chosen me? If you had told me sooner I would have probably, no, surely done so.

I need something to drink, it makes it feel like the pain in my heart is bearable, while I watch you on tv, while I hear your voice, while I simply think of you. Alcohol has always been my friend in the years, and now it is even more.

And I know you didn’t say it to me because you did not love me, I at least can still be sure of the fact that you loved me. I know that you thought that leaving was what would have made me happy, and you knew I would have stayed if you told me you weren’t coming too. But still, I can’t believe that you even considered the fact that being without you and free would have made me more happy than being with you and still caged. At least if I stayed there I would have had you to console me, there would have been you…

But in the end I have decided that today will be the last time I cry, while watching you on tv or for any reason that concerns you. Because I need it, I need it to stop, if I don’t want to go crazy. And wasn’t this what you wanted it to be like after all? Thinking about it makes me cry again, I don’t think that even drinking all the alcohol in the house will make me stop now, aren’t I stupid?

I will try to move on, yes, I will. But not by forgetting you, I’ll just tell myself that one day you will be with me again, I don’t care if you have someone else now, the only way for me to go on without feeling all this pain is by believing this is not the end of us.

For me this is, and will only be, a test to see if I’m good enough to have you. I could never love someone else as I am now, and I never will be able to.

That night you broke my heart, and every day since then the pieces got smaller and smaller, and the only one that can put them together is you Yunno~yah, if not it will stay like that, broken, broken forever.


Here I am again.

Here, smiling for you. Are you watching it?

I feel so stupid for doing this, but this is the only way I can feel connected to you.

At times I get so angry at myself, I shouldn’t have let you go, never ever. I should have locked you up so that you’d be mine forever.

But what I did was to make you happy, right? I love you and knowing you are happy should make me happy, right?

But what about me? What about my feelings? I’m completely lost without you.

I should have just been selfish and stopped you. I should have given up my pride and begged you on my knees not to go.

But I didn’t, I didn’t and now I’m alone.

How many times have I cried alone? I don’t even remember.

If only there was a way to be together, if only I could choose you, if only…

There are really few things I regret having done, and one thing is letting you go.

I always wonder if I should have given up all I believe in and followed you.

Would I be happy then? Or that would have broken me? But, wouldn’t being broken, but with you, be better than in one piece, but without you?

The first few months without you by my side were… ah, is there a word to describe it? Does a word exist that can sum up all the anger, regret and utter sadness I felt? Can such a deep emotion be described with just one plain word?

I thought that my heart wouldn't be able to take it, that your absence would kill me. The only way I found to keep going on was drink till I could not understand up from down, cold from warm, light from dark. I drank myself to oblivion, and that was the only thing that made me keep my sanity. Sounds strange, right?

But in the end I was an useless body, I didn’t know if I was alive or dead most of the time.

And now, now I’ve stopped doing that, why? Because I could hear a voice telling me to stop, your voice.

I’m starting to go crazy, right?

I’m even laughing and crying while talking to myself.

God, what have you done to me Jaejoong?

Being without you drives me crazy.

I can’t go on like this, what will become of me when everything I see, I hear, I touch, I smell, I eat, just every damn little thing, makes me think of you?

All my senses can’t forget you. I can’t forget you.

But I’ll stay strong, I have to. I’ll do it for you, because I need to be strong for you too.

Even if we aren’t near now, even if you will not know, I’m staying strong for you. You that, I realized too late, were my strength.

Your love made me strong.

I miss your caresses, that took away the tiredness when we had killing schedules, but with you by my side I did them without complaining.

I miss your gentle kisses in the middle of the night, that, even if they woke me up, made the little rest we got so sweet, I would feel completely refreshed the next day.

I miss you because you made each and every day shine.

I just miss you.

You always said that our relationship is like fire and water.

It was so true.

You were my water, without which I am dying.

I can’t live alone with this thirst, I might lose my mind and go find you, but now it’s too late, right? That day I said we should move on, I was so stupid, I curse myself everyday for those words… but I want you so much, would you still want me now? Do you still love me?

You are still mine, right? Right? No one can have you but me!

Argh, I’m going crazy!

I need you, I need you so much.

I will never stop loving you, if I need to, I’ll wait all my life for you.

It doesn’t matter if you’ll stop loving me, because the only one that can heal my heart and satiate this thirst is you my love, only you Jaejoongie.


Maybe you don’t love me anymore, but I can’t stop loving you Yunho~yah, the pieces of my heart are yours… yours my love.

Maybe you don’t love me anymore, but I can’t stop loving you Jaejoongie, the pieces of my heart are yours… yours my love.


I wrote this a long time ago... nearly 2 years ago I think *unsure*

[FIC] Two years and a half later

Two years and a half later

Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG
Length: One-Shot
Genre: Romance, Fluff
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot :3
(and any typing or grammatical mistake that I didn't notice XD)

Summary: What will happen right after they finish their military service?

Two years and a half have gone by since four of the 5 members of the legendary group called Dong Bang Shin Ki finished their military service, while the youngest one has just started his duty a few months back.

Yoochun is now a well known and highly requested actor and Junsu is working both as a solo artist and as an actor in muiscals.

Jaejoong, after the last CD that the three members of JYJ have released half an year ago, has disappeard, leaving the fans really worried. Even though both Yoochun and Junsu have reassured the fans many times that Jaejoong is just taking some time for himself, the fans won't listen and still ask, since they are too used to knowing everything about their idol, Jaejoong spoiled them like that.

Yunho hasn't been seen much too, after Changmin has started his military service, but the fans expected that, and the agency assured them that their loved leader is working as an istructor for the new trainees.

Then finally Jaejoong re-appears, or to be more precise tweets. Fans start to go crazy, because in that tweet he says he will have a press conference 8 days from then, on the 5th of March.

Everyone is trying to guess what will happen on that day, giving crazy guesses like always.

Then 5 hours and 33 minutes later, Yunho makes an announcement too, during an interview in a radio show, the first since Changmin went for his military service.

That's when fans start to go crazy, because Yunho said he will have a press conference on the 5th of March too.

The fans have gone crazy, while fights between opposite faction become bigger and bigger. With JYJ and TVXQ2 fans saying it's just a coincidence, OT5 fans hoping for a reunion of the group as soon as Changmin comes back for his military service and YunJae shippers going crazy just at the possibility of the two meeting.

The days go by slowly with the fans nearly dying while waiting, fighting and just not sleeping. Why? well, because they sense it'll be something big (they always think it'll be something big, but that's something no one will ever admit).

It's finally the 5th, Jaejoong tweeted only the day before that his conference will start at 5:50pm KST, while no news from Yunho have been heard, so fans have been waiting for news ever since the clock in Korea as announced it was the 5th.

It's now 3:49pm KST, Jaejoong's press conference will be broadcasted online too through various channels, and all the fans have been refreshing the said pages since hours before the scheduled beginning of the press conference, just to be sure they won't miss even a second.

3:50pm KST

The conference doesn't last much, at 3:53pm KST it has already ened, and there might be a few corpses in front of the computer now.

That night all the news stations will talk about it.

Not only that night, but for weeks and weeks.

There are a lot of different opinions about what was said during that conference.

But Jaejoong doesn't care.

He is in Canada now, and he is not alone, he is there with his lover.

They got married the exact same day as the press conference, thanks to the time zone.

And they will live happly together, no matter where, as long as they are together.

The video starts and Jaejoong starts to speak, he says he has an important announcement to do and that he is not there alone to make it.

He calls for someone that it's out of the camera range and that's when the fans have the first shock, because after a few seconds the person that they see is Yunho, non other than Jung Yunho.

Yunho is now sitting near Jaejoong and everyone can see he is nervous.

Yunho then starts to speak, saying in just a few words that his contract with the company has come to its natural end, and that he will not renew it.

Then, after a few seconds of silence, Jaejoong starts to speak again, now everyone can see he is really nervous too.

That's when Yunho takes Jaejoong's hand, that was on the table, where everyone can see them holding hands.

Jaejoong is then too nervous to even speak and so it's Yunho that gives the real bomb news:

"We called this press conference to tell everyone that we love each other and have decided to get married. We hope you will be happy for us"

and then he bows his head.

Jaejoong bows right after, after saying a slurred "we hope you'll be happy for us".

And the video is over...

Yunho and Jaejoong are now together and married and, hopefully, will live happy ever after together.



Something I wrote ... I don't even remember how long ago OTZ

It was based on a poll ... this was the explanation for my answer choices XD
It's nothing much, but I hope it made your day a little sweeter :D

A/N 2

I know I will regret doing this tomorrow, but I'm too excited right now, it got to my head XD